Novembeat 2020 – Day 2

Novembeat 2020 – Day 2

This was a rough one for me. I used the Polyend Tracker to send two channels of MIDI to the OG Electribe A. The problem I kept running into was that something from the Tracker was causing the notes to hang on synth part 2 of the Electribe, but not part 1. I thought I solved the problem by adding an “Off” command after each note, but I had to first reset the Electribe before that worked. Why? I have no clue. Then part 1 on the Electribe started hanging, so I had to add “Off” commands there too. 

After solving that problem, the jam was a lot easier to put together. I don’t usually do 4-on-the-floor type beats in the jams I make, but wanted to force myself to give it a go here. The drums and drones all came from Samplified’s Soul EDM pack. I highly recommend Samplified. Their packs are affordable, regularly on sale, and contain a lot of really usable sounds. 

I’m mostly happy with the final sound, but the lack of side chain from the kick on the Tracker to the synths on the Electribe ended up washing out the kick. I’m sure there were workarounds that I could have done, but they aren’t happening with the Novembeat time crunch.

Other Thoughts

  • Using performance mode in the Tracker is great for shifting only a couple tracks to a different pattern. Here I had alternate synth parts for the Electribe A on pattern 2.
  • Of the three original Electribes, I love the Electribe S (have had one since around 2000) and the Electribe R. But, the Electribe A has never really sucked me in the same way. The R and A that are currently have are on permanent loan from a good friend, so they won’t get sold. But, yeah, the A is just kind of “meh” for me.

Song Imagery

My good friend, Miss Bossy Cheeks, likes to give me imagery she sees when I share a song with her. She said I can share with you all:

I saw two friends, separated by a continent, riding their respective Peloton bikes [Kumie: We are Peloton buddies in real life] jamming out to some EDM on their rides. One gives the other a “high five” and all of a sudden they are transported to a huge warehouse where a huge dance party is happening. They look at each other and are like WTF, as they are both wearing their workout clothes. But, all of a sudden they don’t care and start dancing. The lights are changing colors, the mood is festive, everyone is happy and covid free and as the song ends, they are transported back to their respective homes finishing up their bike ride…sweaty, happy and with some streamers stuck in their bike clips to remind them that it was real.