Novembeat 2020 – Day 4

Novembeat 2020 – Day 4

After the frenetic granular drumming of yesterday’s entry, I thought I’d go for something a little more chill today. I think, unfortunately, it also came out a little anemic. 

The Digitakt is a beautiful sampler. I really love nicely built hardware. It’s a pretty close call between this one and the Polyend Tracker in terms of aesthetics. In terms of features, they have a lot of overlap too. Both are sampling drum machines, limited RAM (Digitakt has quite a bit more), parameter locking and sample swapping. The Digitakt is definitely more powerful in the LFO and filter department. And its 8 dedicated MIDI tracks with 8 assignable CC’s per track destroys the Tracker. But, the Tracker has the wonderful sample slicer, big screen for waveform edits, and the amazing performance effects. In the end, though, I wouldn’t argue one over another. I’m certainly keeping both.

On this track, all of the samples come from recordings from other hardware. The kick is from my Volca Drum. The snare is from my TD-6. The 8-string makes another appearance for bass. And the synths were sampled from my Volca Keys and PO-16 Pocket Operator. Everything is in 4/4 with the exception of the PO-16 part which is panning left and right and in 7/8.