Novembeat 2020 – Day 10

Novembeat 2020 – Day 10

Since March, I have been working from home. It’s a pretty noisy place with noisy kids, a needy dog, and other people running around. On the one hand, I’m never alone. On the other hand, I’m never alone. During my workday, I have taken to listening to the ChilledCow station for unobtrusive background noise. It’s pleasant. I tried to model this a little bit off that lofi hip hop vibe.

The Polyend Tracker is providing the drums, percussion, flute, and low bass hit. First I programmed the kick/snare pattern. Then filled in the hi hats on straight 8th notes, adding volume, roll, reverse, and effects send variations for flavor. The flute, well, it was a sample that seemed appropriate for the vibe, so I used it. All the samples on the Tracker came from Samplified’s Bounce sample pack.

The MC-101 has three parts playing. The opening chords, buzzy synth pad, and FX preset for texture. The first two sounds were generated using the random patch function on the 101.

Song Imagery from Miss BC

The camera pans over the tops of bookshelves and through rows and rows of books at a library. It’s a gradual zoom in as you see the back of a girl studying at a table by herself, headphones on, laptop open, stacks of books surrounding her. She stretches her arms, looks up, and remembers there is a whole world out there on the other side of the window. She sees a group of football players toss a football back and forth and a gaggle of cheerleaders following behind. Another group passes by carrying their black musical instrument cases. A kid skateboards by and nearly knocks over one of the cases. She looks back down and tries to focus on her work but finds herself spotting, out of the corner of her eye, a couple making out and subsequently a librarian’s annoyed expression. Her eyes are wearied and she wants to stop studying. She looks up and sees her friend standing on the other side of the window holding a cup of coffee and giving her a thumbs up. She nods, smiles with relief, and takes off her headphones. The sounds of the world whoosh into her ears.