Novembeat 2020 – Day 14

I have had the Novation Circuit Monostation for about a year now (keep an eye out for nice holiday discounts from Novation!). Unfortunately, I rarely make the time for it. It’s not something I will play with on its own. Which means, it is always the extra step in a jam. Not fair to the Monostation, because it is rad as hell. The sequencer is super intuitive and it sounds great.

For this jam I paired it with the Digitakt, which I’m appreciating more and more as just a drum and simple note box. I often want to get crazy with it, or attempt to, but it is also just a plain old good drum machine. The drum sounds come from some percussion samples in the factory set. The reverse part that opens the track is a sample from my 8-string (yet again). And the little percussive note is a single cycle waveform that I tweaked.

Finally, when I got the two stereo tracks into Ableton, I added ping pong delay to the Monostation part for a little more texture.