Novembeat 2020 – Day 16

Novembeat 2020 – Day 16

So, I am definitely a groovebox kind of guy. I tend to use gear that has both melody and rhythm parts that I can sequence over my more specialized gear. As a result, the Arturia Drum Brute Impact (let’s call it the DBI) does not get a lot of love. I rarely want to just sit down and make a beat if there isn’t also a melody or bass line to go with it.

For this jam, I paired the DBI with the Elektron Model:Cycles. The Cycles is billed primarily as an FM drum machine, but it definitely holds its own in the melody department. And in this jam, that is all it is doing. The bass part, note progression, probability lead, and chords all are on the Cycles. The chord machine is a bit of a pain to use. It doesn’t do smart chords for the key you are in. Instead, you have to parameter lock chord changes, adjusting both the root note and also the chord form. That makes it a little harder to improvise around changes. But, once the changes are locked in, it sounds pretty nice.

Sadly, this jam didn’t film so well. I had my iPad mounted on a mic stand at a pretty high angle. Because it was on the same desk as my gear, all of the vibrations from tapping the mutes on and off lead to a lot of bouncing. Sorry about that.