Novembeat 2020 – Day 27

For this jam, I wanted to us the Polyend Tracker to do something other than crazy stutters…I mean, I certainly still put those in there, but I wanted a little more melody and beauty. 

The opening/closing lines come from the Arturia Microfreak, running through the Korg NTS-1 for delay and reverb. I am using the Modal engine, which is my go-to on that keyboard. I also have an LFO modifying the decay of the part. All of the notes are being triggered by the Tracker, which let me have two separate lines running that I could mute and unmute at will.

The rest of the sounds are on the Polyend Tracker. The guitar chords and single note were sampled from my Epiphone Dot Studio directly into the Tracker. I added delay and reverb because I add delay and reverb to everything. Drums and percussion are from some Samplified packs. I initially had the kick louder in the mix, but with all the other low end, it didn’t sound great to me, so I lowered it to the point of barely being there.

I still don’t have the best setup for filming. I use my iPad Pro or my iPhone 8 usually. I had to get my mic stand (with camera attachment) angled pretty high up to get both devices in the shot. One of these days I’ll get better at overhead shooting!