Novembeat 2020 – Day 30

Novembeat 2020 – Day 30

This is the end.

I thought I’d go out with a bang…though it is more of a, not whimper, but something in between.

The goal here was to use things that I have loved this month to make a final track. The Polyend Tracker and Elektron Digitakt have been amazing partners in music making. I wanted them to finally work together. The concept was supposed to be two samples, one sample set. The samples were either sounds that I have used throughout the month (8-string, Microfreak Modal, PO-32 kick) or sounds I gravitate towards (string plucks and live-sounding drums). 

I had a thought of bouncing back and forth between similar themes using the same samples, but sonically, precisely because I was using the same samples, it started getting muddy. So, I ended up limiting how many tracks and what sounds I used between the devices. I had to drop entire parts because it was chaos. I also added a single cycle waveform part to the Digitakt to create a little more sonic variation.

In the end, I think it worked out all right. But the conception was definitely different than the execution.

Was it an epic grand finale? Nope. Do I feel like I ended the month on a positive note? Absolutely.

This has been a really great month of daily music making. It was occasionally exhausting. But, in the end it was totally worth it. I hope you enjoyed too.

I’ll try to write a set of wrap-up thoughts after I have some time to process. Thanks for following along!

Miss BC’s Final Imagery

There’s a conductor… and he begins to get the attention of his orchestra for the final song of the evening. The orchestra members are different types of stuffed animals playing instruments and bopping along to the music.. the curtains draw back and we start to see the characters from the last 29 days enter the stage from left to do their final twirl, curtsy and bow. We see the couple from the Ferris wheel, the young man in Italy, the flamenco dancer, the two bike friends, the artist from the drafting table, the young Morrocon boy, the tightrope walker, the little drummer girl… all of them come through and do their final waves and the cheering gets louder and louder … when all have gathered on stage, they hold hands and take one final bow together. They then clap their hands and make a part down the middle and a separate curtain draws back as they welcome to the grandmaster of the show… and we see his shadow slowly emerge from the void behind the curtains.