Novembeat 2020 – Day 21

Novembeat 2020 – Day 21

Forcing myself to make a new jam every day has taught me a few things. I will probably sit down when this is all over to really reflect on the various lessons I can take away from the experience. Two that are notable here. First, I definitely have devices that I prefer. My almost all-in-one devices are my favorites: Model:Cycles, Roland MC-101, Digitakt, and Polyend Tracker. Everything else is to support and fill out those devices, or add effects to them. And in the effects category, despite the power of the Zoia, my go-to is definitely the Korg NTS-1. The delays and reverbs are better than adequate (if not the most amazing), and setting up and running the box is easy.

The other big lesson–though I was aware of this before Novembeat–is that I feel much better about my melodic work when I have a keyboard plugged in. All of the melodic parts on the Model:Cycles came from noodling around on the Keystep running into the Cycles.

For this jam I wanted to pull out the Microfreak again. It can do so many things and create so many sounds. But it always has to be paired with something, unless I am doing ambient…and even then it needs some effects to really shine. I always gravitate to the modal engine. This time I forced the supersaw. It sounds great with very little tweaking. And, the Microfreak definitely pairs well with the FM sounds of the Cycles.